Kerala is the first State in India to take initiative for the mass transformation of ICT by the implementation of district-wide e-literacy project ‘AKSHAYA’ in 2002, with an intention of ‘Empowering Kerala’. The venture paved the way for the migration of Kerala to the first e-literate state.

The rollout phase was successfully completed by imparting training to at least one member of a family to be e-literate. Basic training was provided to the selected candidates to familiarize with the basics and scope of IT with the support of relevant hands-on. It is the largest rural e-literacy training project ever organized worldwide. Subsequently, Malappuram has been declared as the first e-literate district in India.

Akshaya is acting as the major instrument in rural empowerment and economic development through e-Governance. Akshaya Centers are being set up within a maximum of 2 kilometres for any household for the effective delivery of Government services to the public. Each Akshaya centre is well equipped with necessary computers, fax, printers, telephones, broadband internet connectivity and necessary software. Kerala State IT Mission is one of the core partners in the implementation of the Akshaya projects in the state.

Akshaya is succeeding in its journey by making Government services more accessible to the rural areas, thus reducing the time and money people spend, trying to communicate with public officials. It also ensures fast and transparent access to local Government data and documentation.

Role in Governance

Akshaya Centers are identified as the medium for delivering services between:

  • Government and Citizen (G2C)
  • Quality services at lower cost
  • Easy and transparent communication
  • Delivery of e-Governance services to the public through a wider network of e-Kendras
  • Payment of utility bills and fees through Akshaya e-Pay
  • Skill development programmes throughout the State
  • Content development on locally relevant contents in local language, establishing rural connectivity.
  • Doorstep access to e-Learning, e-Krishi and e-Commerce