a. Post Graduate Diploma in e-Governance

Capacity building among Government Departments is a most important requirement for successful implementation of e-Governance programmes.

Based on the recommendation of the Administrative Reforms Commission on promoting e-Governance, State Government has proposed Capacity Building in the individual level by starting a Diploma / Degree programme on e-Governance. In this regard, Institute of Management in Government (IMG Kerala) and Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management – Kerala (IIITM-K) decided to jointly conduct a Post Graduate Diploma in e-Governance. The objective of the course is to help the participants to understand how to manage e-Governance projects implemented in the state. The course is spread over 2 Semester with a total duration of one year.

Total seats for the PGDeG Programme are 40 per year, wherein 15 seats have been reserved for officials from Government Departments, 15 for the Officials from Public sector undertakings, Boards, Corporations, Universities etc. and 10 seats for the candidates from Open Market in each year.

The course fee for the officials from Government Departments is 75000. 90% of the course fee per officials for these 15 officers will be borne by the state Government and the balance 10% will be met by the officials. The fee for the Officials from Public sector undertakings, Boards, Corporations, Universities etc. is Rs. 80,000/- on condition that 75% of the amount will be paid by the Institution concerned and the same shall be paid from the profit of the institution itself and 25% of the amount will be paid by the candidates themselves. The course fee for the candidates selected from open market is One lakh per candidate.


b. Virtual IT Cadre

‘Virtual IT Cadre’ Program aims at building strong in-house IT team to conceptualize, implement and manage e-Governance projects within the departments.

The lack of skilled resources in the area of e-Governance, IT infrastructure & IT project management is creating dependency on external agencies in the implementation of e-Governance projects in various departments. Since, the external agencies lack domain expertise, the project initiatives are lagging behind or have failed to achieve their objectives. In order to manage the complexities in implementing e-Governance project, a strong IT in-house team within Departments is required. The team is formed through internal selection from skilled and qualified employees within Departments and to deploy them as ‘Virtual IT Cadre’ for the department. The team shall manage the project implementation with the support from Department of Information Technology and Kerala State IT Mission.

The VITC training batch of around 30 trainees undergoes around 10 days residential induction training at IIITM-K in Technopark. Different sessions on e-Governance by eminent personalities are planned during the training schedule. Motivational and inspirational sessions and industry visits also form part of training. On successful completion of training, roles and responsibilities in e-Governance can be assigned to the cadre. ‘Virtual IT Cadre’ interacts with Department of Information Technology / Kerala State IT Mission for all technical matters and maintains a dotted line relationship with both the agencies. After training, ‘Virtual IT Cadre’ members continue with their normal role in their respective Departments and would also help in the implementation of e Governance projects thus acting as a separate cadre virtually without any additional office set up as truly and sincerely implied by its name ‘Virtual IT Cadre’.


c. Learning Management System

Good governance will lead to substantive progress in developments and improvements in the State. The essence is that for building the capacity of the public sector, the efficiency of the departments and administration is to be improved. It is the responsibility of the Government to ensure that all its activities, decision‐making processes and structures conform to its applicable norms and standards. It promotes Government to Employee (G2E) interaction that builds a better relationship between Government and its employees.