The Government of Kerala provides many services to people in various sections of the society through different government departments. The vast majority of the services covered under the Right to Services Act (RTS) have been made online by various departments.

In this pandemic situation, people need to have access to all government services through a unified portal from the comfort of their own homes without having to go to government offices. Currently, citizens can access online services of various departments only through the website of each department which causes practical difficulty. In this context, the Government of Kerala has designed a centralized Kerala Service Portal called “e-Sevanam” incorporating the online services of all departments. The declared policy of the Government of Kerala, ’Internet is my right’ is implemented through the Kerala Service Portal This disabled-friendly portal aggregates 500 plus services from 50 plus departments in the initial phase. Parallelly, a mobile application “m-Sevanam” has also been made ready for mobile-friendly services. In addition to Universal search, the portal segregates services based on Target Users (Public, Students, Farmers, Women and Children, Youth and Skills Development, Social Security and Pensioners, Utilities and Others). Forthcoming releases of Portal shall include Single Sign-On for all online services.