‘Nodal Agency to State e-Governance’

Over the last few years, intensive efforts are being undertaken by the Government of Kerala to provide a stronger platform for the State's transition towards a knowledge-based society. The integral element of this effort is the promotion of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) as a strategic driver to support and contribute directly to the growth of the economy as well as enhance the quality of life of the citizens. The Government of Kerala acknowledge ICT as a key enabler for the State's overall development and remains deeply committed to its dissemination, both as a crucial engine of economic growth and as a tool for increasing productivity, speed & transparency in governance. The State Government intends to define ways to leverage on ICT to transform the Public Sector’s internal operations and provision of Government services to the public. This transformation involves providing the services and information on an ‘anywhere and anytime’ basis.

The State Government announced its first IT Policy in 1998. It was followed by periodic amendments, which provided comprehensive support for the further development of the ICT sector.  These policies have helped Kerala achieve unique distinctions as a preferred IT/ITES investment destination and a leader in E-governance.

The vision of e-Government is to create a collaborative environment that promotes the reinvention of governance by ensuring high-quality services to the public. Expectations are high and citizens now expect their public services to be equally accessible and convenient. The State Government envisions a future where all components of society can communicate and transact their operations in an effective and efficient manner.


‘Digitally Inclusive Kerala’

  • Transform the relationship between citizens and the State - giving more power in the hands of citizens and being more responsive to their needs
  • A robust and effective governance framework in place to ensure that our values, people, systems, processes and resources are aligned to secure the best possible outcomes for ICT
  • High-impact services that improve citizens’ quality of life in a digitally Smart State
  • Deliver services that comply with all major attributes of e-Governance viz. Simple, Moral, Accountable, Responsive and Transparent (SMART)
  • A comprehensive framework covering service delivery, open government and ICT operations in a single document
  • To improve public sector productivity through the effective management of technology
  • Aspires to develop and flourish through innovation and constant development of ICT in the pursuit of a progressive, socially inclusive, safe and secured Kerala.

'Promoting digital innovation'

  • Building a bridge of trust between the Citizens and the State through efficient, transparent and open e-Governance
  • Advises on and manages the State IT infrastructure
  • Spearhead the digital transformation of the State by ensuring stronger governance, prioritization and coordination of ICT development
  • Eradicate the issue of digital divide by strengthening the services through Akshaya, FRIENDS, Citizen Contact Center etc in a simpler and intuitive way
  • Building better e-Government Infrastructure through State Data Centre, Kerala State Wide Area Network, Mobile Service Delivery Platform etc
  • Empowering people through giving them digital access to the information & e-Services by means of platforms like e-District, State Service Delivery Gateway etc
  • E-Governance enabler by supporting the implementation of significant State initiatives like Kerala Fiber Optic Network (KFON), Public Wi-Fi etc
  • Ensures secure authenticated transactions between the Government and Suppliers through online procurement services like e-Procurement & Central Procurement that are aimed at best value for money, timely and accurate payment.
  • Empowering employees in the administration as well as the implementation level through Capacity Building programmes
  • Enhanced service delivery mechanism through district level administration
  • An expert advisor for Government on Policy/Standards/Procedures formulation process
  • Performs service-wide IT master planning


Kerala State IT Mission
Vrindavan Gardens,
Pottakkuzhi, Pattom.P.O,
Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695004
Phone: +91 471 2525444
Email: admin.ksitm@kerala.gov.in
Website: https://itmission.kerala.gov.in/